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            Instructions on how to create security automations using Locbit’s Platform

            1. Brief

            The purpose of this section is to show how to utilize Locbit’s automations for security related tasks

            You will learn how to:

            1. Use automations for security purposes

            2. Create security automations using a motion sensor

            3. Create security automations using a door sensor

            2. Security Automations Overview

            Locbit’s automations can improve security by utilizing sensory data to provide information on
            movement, occupancy, entry, etc. Automations can be created to send automatic notifications via SMS

            text, voice messages and email to notify numerous recipients when certain events happen around the clock or during certain times.

            In order to create these automations, ask the client what areas they would like to monitor, whether it be a hallway, door, window, drawer, etc. Then, ask what times they would like each areas to have automated alerts, what type of alerts they prefer and who they would like the alerts to be sent to.

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            Updated: 17 Aug 2017 04:57 PM
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